Shopping for anything can be really difficult when you have a plethora of options to choose from. This “Paradox of Choice” can be especially true when we’re talking about finding your next collagen supplement or protein powder.

There are, simply put, too many brands, tastes and flavors, drinks, companies, and websites trying to sell their own products. It turns the simple task of purchasing collagen supplements into a herculean one.

What’s our next course of action when we encounter a situation like this? Well, it’s easy: narrow down our options.

Now, you might ask how do we narrow our options down? One easy trick when we are looking for our collagen peptides powder is to check whether they are organic or not.

In this article, we are going to talk about what exactly we mean when we talk about organic collagen powder. Scroll down to find out more about organic grass-fed collagen powder.

what is organic collagen powder
what is organic collagen powder

Organic collagen powder quick note: 

First of all, we must say that organic and grass-fed are two separate keywords when we are talking about collagen. If you want to learn about grass-fed collagen powder, scroll down to the bottom of this page, that’s where we talk about them and the differences between these terms. 

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Now, what is organic collagen powder? 

Now, what is organic collagen powder?

To answer this question, first, we need to know where collagen comes from. (We are assuming you already know what collagen is. Duh.) Most collagen powders that you see on the market come from bovine sources as well as other animals. That means collagen supplements usually come from cows, pigs, chickens, etc. 

Collagen is naturally found in the bones, cartilage, connective tissues, and hides of these animals. So, when you’re taking collagen supplements, including collagen powder, you have to remember, you’re consuming animal parts. And when we are talking about bovine sources, it’s ideal (if not necessary) that we consume organic.

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What are the benefits of organic collagen powder? 

There are a lot of benefits when we take collagen supplements on a daily basis. Overall wellness, skincare, beauty, hair, and nail maintenance are only some of the well-known benefits of ingesting collagen. Bet you knew that already. 

However, when we consume organic collagen powder, we are making an active choice that says we care about how these animals were raised and we care about what we put in our bodies.

An organic farm will make sure that cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals are well fed and raised in a responsible way. They make certain that there aren’t any heavy metals and pesticides in their animals’ diets. Organic farms are more sustainable than non-organic ones since they practice responsible farming.

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what is organic collagen made of

Look for the term “organic” when you’re choosing your collagen powder.

If you’re keener on taking marine collagen powder, look for the term “wild” on the box or the discretion of the product since the term organic collagen powder doesn’t make much sense when we’re talking about marine sources.

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Does organic collagen powder mean grass-fed collagen powder?

When it comes to collagen supplements, you might mistake organic collagen powder with grass-fed collagen powder. We also have been there and have made the same mistakes. But no, organic does not mean grass-fed. 

Does organic collagen powder mean grass-fed collagen powder?

Here’s the catch: the difference is that when you see a collagen product that states “grass-fed collagen powder” on their box, it means that the farm animals were exposed to only grass and grass only as their diet.

This doesn’t mean they weren’t exposed to hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics, or other harmful elements. A grass-fed diet allows the farmer to use them in their animal’s diets. 

However, an organic diet practices forbidding the use of these sorts of substances as well as banning genetic engineering. So, check the box, read the descriptions, and see whether your collagen powder is organic or not. You’ll be doing the environment and your body a favor, trust us.

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benefits of organic collagen powder

What’s our final verdict regarding organic collagen powder: 

It’s okay to be confused. You have every right to be frustrated when there are so many labels and brands when it comes to collagen supplements. However, there is at least one easy thing you can do: when you’re shopping for your supplements, it is best if you look for ones that are both organic and grass-fed. You’ll be one step ahead of everyone else.