Collagen websites boast about the results and benefits of collagen supplements, and we have our hopes high, naturally. We read about these benefits everywhere. They talk about how collagen supplements will improve our overall skin health, strengthen our hair and nails, and give our skin a glowing effect. 

The benefits of collagen supplements go beyond the cosmetic world that we just mentioned, and they are treated as a health product sometimes, as well.

There are a lot of people who have reported how collagen supplements have helped them with relieving joint pain and stiffness, arthritis which worsens and gets more prevalent as we age.

Collagen supplements have also been suggested to help with the gut, and generally, the digestive system in our bodies. 

how long does it take for collagen powder to work

The benefits do not stop there, however. In recent years, many athletes have turned to collagen supplements (to consume alongside or even to replace protein supplements) as their go-to post-workout shakes.

Avid runners, casual bodybuilders, or enthusiasts of any sort of sport enjoy a shake of collagen peptide powder with their favorite flavors just like other collagen supplements lovers. 

While there is truth to these claims about collagen supplements, it’s dangerously easy to get our hopes up when it comes to expecting and seeing results. When we see so many people talking about how effective collagen supplements are, we naturally get excited about ours and want to see the so-called magical results of collagen supplements for ourselves. 

We want to talk about why it’s better to have a realistic expectation of collagen supplements. We also wish to discuss the exact time that we are expected to see the results of taking collagen supplements. Basically, how long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

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Collagen Benefits 

Let’s talk about some of the science-backed collagen benefits first. It’s important to clearly know why we should take collagen supplements in the first place so that it will help us to keep our expectations in check.

Here we quickly mention only some of the benefits of taking collagen peptides on a daily basis. 

 It is recommended to read the full article of collagen powder benefits to learn a detailed list of advantages of collagen powder. However, you can have a brief overview through the following lines.   

collagen advantages
collagen advantages

1- Overall skin health and maintenance

As you probably already know, collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is everywhere: it’s in our connective tissues, it’s in our joints, our bones, muscles, tendons, and most importantly, 80 percent of our skin is made up of various forms of collagen.

When we take collagen supplements, it can help us with the general healthiness of the skin, such as hydration, elasticity, and keeping it firm. 

2- Relieve joint pain and stiffness 

One of the more “traditional” usages of collagen was that it was used to relieve joint pain and is advised to people who suffer from arthritis to add collagen type II into their diets. So, if your collagen supplement does contain type II collagen, you can expect to see results regarding overall joint health, and improvement regarding stiffness and general comfort in your joint. 

3- Boost muscle mass gains

Although collagen is not a complete protein, it still can be used by athletes who want to gain muscle mass. To be fair to collagen, it is only missing only one type of protein out of the 20 different types of amino acids. 

4- Strengthen hair and nails

There is some research that connects the strength and overall maintenance of healthy hair and nails when it comes to consuming collagen peptides on a daily basis. 

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work for each benefit?

So now that we have talked about some of the more “popular” benefits of the daily intake of collagen supplements. It’s time to get some numbers. However, there are three things we need to mention first before we dive in: 

First of all, the science on collagen supplements is fairly new, and we probably need a few more years to get a clearer understanding of the timeframe when it comes to seeing results. 

Secondly, the genetic structure of every human being is unique. Giving specific numbers might feel like a bit of a trap, and for some, it might be “false hope.” So, keep in mind that for some people, the effects will come sooner and for some, later. 

Thirdly, there are other external factors when it comes to seeing results of collagen supplements intake. These external factors that might hinder the desired effects of collagen include: 

Drop these unhealthy diet habits: Having too much sugar in your diet will prevent you from getting the desired results. Try to incorporate your collagen supplements into an already healthy diet to see better results. Having enough vitamin C in your body is a great way to ensure your collagen supplements intake will go more smoothly and more effectively.

Another crucial tip is to drink adequate water and never keep yourself dehydrated. Hydrolyzed collagen peptides work well with a healthy diet and a hydrated body. 

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collagen benefits work
collagen benefits work

Quit these unhealthy lifestyle habits: Smoking and drinking are two of the science-backed unhealthy habits that you can drop to improve the quality of your collagen intake results. Your natural collagen production is also hindered by smoking and drinking. So even if you are not taking any collagen supplements, quitting these unhealthy habits will help and increase the collagen levels in your body. 

Take note of the dosage and type of collagen supplement you’re taking: it’s important to do your homework when it comes to how much collagen you should take.

Most products inscribe the desired dosage of the collagen you should take each day on their box or in their description on the internet. Read those carefully and follow their instructions. 

Another important tip is to be wary of the type of collagen you’re taking and see whether it fits the reason you’re taking collagen supplements in the first place.

For example, collagen type I and III are typically consumed by those who want to have better skin health, and collagen type II is advised for those who want to relieve joint pain.

Do your homework and learn about the various types of collagen types. We can always help if you have any questions. 

Okay, now that we have our concerns out of the way, let’s talk some numbers.

What is collagen powder made of?

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work regarding overall skin health and maintenance? 

When it comes to taking collagen supplements to get skin benefits, the results come at different times for different people.

Collagen supplement

Some see change happening on their skins as soon as 4 weeks, and some at 6 weeks. However, the typical time most people see the results is around 8 to 12 weeks. So, be patient and take your collagen supplements daily. 

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work regarding relieving joint pain and stiffness? 

When it comes to relieving joint pain or generally boosting your joint health, it might take anywhere between around 10 weeks to 6 months. It’s important to talk to your doctor or a certified dietitian before starting your collagen routine when it’s about arthritis. 

 How long does it take for collagen supplements to work regarding boosting muscle mass gains

When taking collagen supplements daily is combined with resistance exercises, it typically takes about three months to see some actual results in your muscle. However, feeling better might even come after one postwork-out shake.

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work regarding strengthening hair and nails

Although the research is fairly new, many have reported seeing results regarding their hair and nails after around 4 to 6 months

Bottom line: How Long Does It Take For Collagen Supplements To Work?

Bottom line: How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Well, it depends on why you’re taking collagen supplements in the first place, if you’re taking the correct dose, your healthy or unhealthy habits, as well as your genetic structure. What is important, however, is that you stick to your collagen routine, and that you take hydrolyzed collagen peptides.