Collagen Recipes

Collagen Powder is curious to know how to be in your daily meals. Collagen Mag made a way through the best collagen recipes.

Collagen Egg Coffee

Collagen Egg Coffee

Ingredients: 2 eggs (preferably pasture-raised) 8 ounces black coffee 1...

FAQ Collagen Recipes

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Sure you can! If you don’t like to mix collagen in your bitter coffee, you can simply go through a collagen recipe and make everyone like the dish more than any time! This way, the daily amount of collagen can be taken as well.

If you are going to make a dessert or a dish that is going to be eaten by more than one person, or in multiple meals, you can add more collagen than the daily amount. In every collagen recipe, the needed amount of collagen is determined accurately. So, don’t miss checking the amounts every time you make the meal. 

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Of course, our recommendation is unflavored collagen powder which is much better than flavored one as it is meant to be more effective. However, in the desserts, smoothies, and drinks you can use flavored collagen powder.