With the rise of collagen supplements in popularity in recent years, there has been a lot of talk about collagen powders and whether they can replace protein powders. Are they similar?

Are collagen peptides powders and proteins supplements interchangeable? Which one will work for me? Well, in this article, we are going to answer these questions and explore the topic more as well. So, sit tight and get your cup of coffee ready.

which one is better collagen powder or protein powder?

What is the difference between collagen and protein powder?

Okay, first, let’s talk about the similarities of these two: they are both amino acids, they are both assisting the body with the number of protein levels, and they are both loved by those who care about their health and well-being in general and they will remain popular for a long time to come.

But you knew all that already, didn’t you? We want to talk about the difference and which one should we choose that will work the best for us. Well, to understand that we need to learn about amino acids. They are the building blocks of the protein structure which means that different proteins have different amino acids.

Protein powder

In general, there are 20 types of amino acids which are grouped into two: Essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. So, what is the difference between these groups? Well, 11 out of the 20 amino acids are non-essential and that basically means that the human body will naturally produce these blocks. What about the other 9 essential amino acids, you ask? Well, for those we need to get them from outside sources like food and drinks as well as supplements.

Protein powders are complete proteins and what that means is that they contain all of the 20 amino acids your body needs. However, collagen supplements have 19 of those amino acids and are not considered as complete proteins. So, this information should answer the question that whether they are interchangeable or not: they are not interchangeable, but rather they serve different purposes in our bodies which we will get to later on.

Collagen powder

Aside from the amount of the proteins, the structure and the profile of these amino acids in the said supplements are different as well. That means that these supplements will function in different ways and that they will serve specific purposes. What are these functions and purposes? Well, let’s dig in.

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When you should take these supplements are different

Collagen powders can be taken any time of the day. Want to blend it with your coffee? Sure. Mix with cold water after a big breakfast? Why not. Drink a fruit smoothie before your evening run or before you hit the bed? That will most definitely work!

As long as you take collagen consistently and you are on a routine, you’re good to go. However, for proteins powders, it is often recommended to take the supplements 30 minutes after an intense work-out for maximizing efficiency and seeing better results. Before and during the workout is also among the popular times.

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when should I take collagen or protein powder?
when should I take collagen or protein powder?

Protein powders can help with boosting muscle gains

And that doesn’t mean collagen peptides powders won’t help with muscle gain.

There have been studies examining exactly just that. In one particular example, collagen peptides supplements and placebos were given to two different groups of frail men who had just started exercising and the results were that those who took collagen had massively more muscle gain than those who took placebo powders.

No real surprise there for us, to be honest. After all, collagen powders are natural proteins and they are similar to protein powders.

That being said, protein powders are complete proteins, while collagen powders have 19 out of 20 of all amino acids. On top of that, the amino acid profile of the protein supplements is composed in a way that is designed to help with gaining muscle mass.

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What is the bottom line? When to take collagen powder vs. Protein powder?

When to take collagen powder vs. Protein powder?

Okay, then, what’s the bottom line? Whether you should take collagen powders or protein powders depends on your lifestyle. If you are specifically concerned with muscle mass and routinely go to the gym to exercise, then, protein powders are your best friend.

They contain complete protein and are designed to boost your muscle mass gains.

Collagen peptides powders, on the other hand, is best for you if you are concerned with your general well-being, care about your skin, bones, nails, as well as joints. For example, a gym enthusiast might do better with taking protein powders, whereas a casual (or even an avid) runner might prefer taking collagen powders.