It has become clear that collagen supplements are vital to every aspect of our health. We can find them almost everywhere, whether at supermarkets or drug stores; there are shelves with a hundred types and brands of these supplements, making it quite evident that a reliable reference to this subject is an absolute need.

collagen powder vs collagen pills
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Doubtful to choose collagen pills or powder? Keep on reading to clear up the doubt!

The following matters are discussed:

  • What is collagen, and what does it do?
  • What types does collagen have?
  • How does it matter if my collagen supplement is hydrolyzed?
  • What is the difference between collagen powder and collagen pills?
  • Bottom line: To use Collagen Pill or Powder, that is the question

What is collagen, and what does it do?

Collagen is a protein that makes up almost 30% of all the proteins in our bodies. It consists of particular amino acids that are crucial to our body. Collagen structurizes many tissues of the body. It allows them to stretch and stay flexible. It is also an absolute help to build and hold body parts together, including skin, bones, tendons, muscles, and hair.

As people age, collagen production naturally decreases. That is why collagen supplements become necessary as you pass a certain age. There are various collagen supplements on the market that cover a vast range of supplement forms that you can choose to consume. There are collagen powder and liquid collagen drinks, collagen-boosting creams, and even collagen gummies. Choosing one that will suit you best can get a bit confusing. Here we will discuss whether it’s best to take collagen pills or powder instead.

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What types does collagen have?

Scientists have categorized collagen types produced in our bodies into 28 different types, among which there are 16 types with the most importance. Each class is grouped according to its amino acid composition. However, the main ones are types I, II, III, and IV, making up about 90 percent of all collagen in our bodies. Type I, which is the fundamental base to the most collagen supplements on the market, makes up the structure of our skin, tendons, ligaments, and joints. So

What types does collagen have?

now we know that we mainly seek collagen pills or powder that include type I.

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How does it matter if my collagen supplement is hydrolyzed?

Most products on the market are hydrolyzed, which means that our body can easily digest them. It is also referred to as collagen peptides.

You might have come across this word perhaps on the box of your product. Collagen peptides are, in fact, broken down collagens into essential amino acids that enter the bloodstream much faster and in a more absorbable way.

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What is the difference between collagen powder and collagen pills?

The main difference between collagen powder and its pills is only the consumption method! Perhaps you are more of a pill-taking person, or maybe you prefer to take your collagen alongside your favorite food. That is totally up to you!

What is the difference between collagen powder and collagen pills?

It is a common belief that taking pills is much faster and easier, which is true, but by collagen powder, you can get creative! Make a shake, blend it with your coffee every day and start your joyful day.

Not a coffee fan? That is totally ok. You can also take the powder alongside your morning tea, smoothies, a glass of orange juice, hot chocolate, or perhaps your post-workout shakes. Just make sure to avoid sugar. Collagen is damaged when exposed to high sugar consumption.

Refined carb and sugar are enemies to your healthy skin. Other factors that are not friendly to the skin are smoking and UV light. So wear your sunscreens and avoid ciggies!

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Bottom line: To use Collagen Pill or Powder, that is the question.

When it goes to consuming collagen, there is no right or wrong way! Oral methods of consumption are much more effective than any other way. But there is no scientifically proven difference in the outcome of taking collagen pills against its powder. Just set it based on your own preferences. So have at it, set your intentions, and enjoy the magical effects!