Weight loss doesn’t happen in one night but can be done faster with supplements. We all know collagen for its great effects on skin and bone improvement, while collagen can help you in weight loss as well.

The truth is, we keep saying collagen powder supplements are a filler, but how does it really help us to lose weight more effectively or sometimes avoid gaining weight in the process of making more muscles.

That’s why we get into the subject to see: does collagen burn fat? Does anyone have a positive feedback of collagen taking? And if yes, what is the best collagen powder for weight loss?

the best collagen for weight loss

Can Collagen Really Help You Lose Weight?

Let’s respond to this question with what we found in collagen weight loss success stories. The statistics show people who take collagen daily, had experienced weight loss even without doing any special workouts.

The main reason is that collagen makes you feel full for a longer time. That’s because protein and its family help the body control the hunger level. But the study below can tell you more.

In a study done on a group of people including 20 people, half with obsession and other half fit. Each person was given 20g of a collagen type (mostly gelatin) and after they used the collagen in the meal, the scientists started taking their plasma to see how their body reacted over collagen.

Interestingly the test results of the people with obsession were higher insulin, lower ghrelin and normal level of glucose.

The samples were taken again and again after each 30 minutes and each result showed more active gut hormones. We have plenty of gut hormones, but some of them are specifically commissioned to help the digestion and some suppress the appetite.

Those hormones which were highly enhanced by activity were the appetite suppressants which make the body avoid hunger for a longer time.

Another thing to mention about weight loss effects of collagen is the increment in metabolism. When you take collagen powder daily, the metabolism is stabilized in a healthier range. This is when your body directly converts any food to energy.

So, yes, collagen can really help you lose weight by keeping you filled for a longer time as well as improving the muscle mass and metabolism increment. Therefore, the body tries to burn the fat instead of proteins in the body to prepare the needed energy.

lose weight with collagen powder

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, addressing around 33% of its protein piece. It’s one of the critical construction squares of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Collagen is in like manner found in various other body parts, including veins, corneas, and teeth. You can consider it the “stick” that holds this large number of things together. Without a doubt, the word comes from the Greek word “klla,” which means stick

Collagen type for weight loss

Among the available types of the collagen powder, type I and type III are the best for weight loss due to being a rich resource of fiber. Fiber is one of the main components in helping the gut work much more efficiently and produce the hunger control hormones in a wider range.

The study mentioned earlier was a success collagen story about using a degraded type I of collagen and the result was completely successful. Now consider if you take a real type I and type III collagen in your daily diet.

Best collagen powder for weight loss

The brands really don’t make changes in the quality of the collagen unless they avoid adding a specific component which can totally affect the quality.

In general, famous brands of collagen available in the market are considered as high quality collagen powder for weight loss. However, we offer you to avoid the flavored collagen powders to make it absorb and work more effectively.

How much collagen should I take for weight loss?

How much collagen should I take for weight loss?

Don’t think that taking more collagen per day can help you lose weight earlier. That’s totally a wrong idea! In fact, if you take collagen more than it is needed, you may experience terrible side effects including heartburn, gut and digestion issues or even food poisoning.

In other words, it doesn’t matter why you take collagen powder, you don’t need more than 1-2 scopes (about 15 grams) per day. This amount will both work on the muscle mass and help you lose weight as well as bringing other collagen benefits to your body.

Best time to take collagen for weight loss

An important thing to mention is that collagen takes time to lose weight. If you want to effectively lose weight, it is good to have a fixed timing. But when to have?

Pre-workout meal

Collagen is a great supplement for pre-workout. If you are planning to lose weight with a strict workout plan, don’t forget to have a collagen drink before starting heavy exercises.

About 30 minutes before starting the exercise plan, prepare the collagen meal or drink to avoid heartburn and stomach ache during the exercises.

best collagen as pre-workout meal

Start your day with collagen

Many people believe collagen in the morning is equal to better absorption. When you absorb collagen faster, the process of metabolism increment and weight loss starts faster and more effectively.

Before main meals

When you are hungry, naturally you would like to eat more! But, as collagen is a filler, if you want to avoid uncontrollable hunger feelings, you can take collagen 30 minutes before main meals.

It is worth mentioning that collagen drinks would help you better in the road of losing weight as it is easier to take, faster to prepare and make you send collagen to your body with fewer calories. So, we recommend collagen drinks more than collagen meals.  

Conclusion: Does collagen burn fat?

Does collagen burn fat?

So, generally, collagen helps your body to use fat instead of proteins to prepare the required energy. Apart from that it helps the gut to prevent unnecessary hunger feelings. Therefore, we can say collagen can assist you in losing weight however, using the phrase “collagen burns fat” may not be a suitable issue. In other words, it is better to consider workouts as a fat burner and collagen as a catalyst in this road.

So, if anyone asked you, does collagen burn fat? Reply them with full knowledge! Hope if you start losing weight with the help of collagen, it will be a great experience for you and we will hear your weight loss success story of collagen soon.