Among all the benefits of collagen, skin improvement is one of the main benefits that all types of collagen seem to potentially have. However, type I and type III of collagen powder is extracted to surprise you in having a perfect skin

. It is also worth mentioning that the resources can affect the collagen benefits as well. For instance, in case of skin promotion, cow and fish collagen extracts are much better.

In this article we will read essential frequently asked questions about how to boost your skin with collagen powder, together. So, please, for skin sake, don’t miss it! 

best collagen powder for skin
best collagen powder for skin

What skin problems are covered by collagen powder?

In general, and based on what tests claimed up to now, collagen can omit all the skin problems including:

  1. Acnes and scars of acnes
  2. Hyperpigmentation
  3. Wrinkles
  4. Elasticity
  5. PH setting
  6. Skin repair
  7. Etc.

It is good to mention that collagen has a long-term effect. At first, when you start using, you may experience very slow changes, but then, when your body is enriched in collagen, the faster and more effective changes will be experienced. Note that as long as you take collagen powder in your daily diet, there would be less skin problems.

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Best Collagen Supplements for Better Skin

Best Collagen Supplements for Better Skin

Best collagen supplements for better skins are extracted from cow (hide and bones) and fish – sometimes bones but mostly fin. (in order to learn more about fish collagen, please read our “best fish collagen” article).

From a collagen types point of view, type I and type III are considered the best collagen powders for better skin. If you are going to choose a quality collagen powder, it is necessary to choose:

  1. Type I or type III collagen powder
  2. Fish or bovine collagen powder

You can find collagen table here for best: best collagen powder

Does the brand affect the collagen powder for skin?

Well, this is what brands themselves try to transfer to your idea, however we believe if collagen is extracted correctly from the quality resources, the brand doesn’t really affect the quality. In order to find the best collagen powder for skin, you need to keep a few factors in mind:

  • The animal which collagen is extracted from was raised healthy and fed from natural grass. (if it is fish collagen, it needs to be a wild fish).
  • The texture of plain collagen powder is soft and white, just like flour (a little thicker). Make sure you see this texture or if it is flavored, the color would be different.  
  • You should not find any taste or smell on plain collagen powder.

However, it is a good idea to read customers’ reviews before choosing any brand.

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When is best to take collagen for skin?

When is best to take collagen for skin?

There is no specific time for collagen as it is a full-time worker in your body. Everything is about when you are more comfortable to have a collagen meal or drink. It is also a good idea to schedule your daily collagen, which means if you started taking collagen every day in the morning, it is better to have this plan for at least 1 month to see the result. If the morning didn’t work (that is very unlikely) you can change the schedule.

Another important thing to consider in this issue is that collagen is not required to be taken more than one unit per day. You can either break the unit into 2-3 different times or take it once (which is better to be taken once). Afterward, the first symptoms of benefits of collagen powder for skin, or any other parts of the body, will be fulfilled in a few days.

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Can I apply collagen powder directly on my skin?

Collagen powder supplement we talk about is made to be eaten either mixed in a drink or used in a meal. If you want to use collagen directly on your skin, there is no limitation, however, it is better not to do it as we assume the benefits of collagen powder will be deducted. Instead, it is a better idea to choose specific collagen powders for direct use on skin.

Is it okay if I make a collagen mask with collagen powder?

As we mentioned earlier, there is no limit on the usage rather it isn’t really worth it. Although if you decide to add collagen powder to a daily mask, please make sure the ingredients of the mask are compatible with collagen peptides powder.

is it okay to apply collagen powder in mask?

If after a period of using collagen I found my skin perfect, can I stop taking collagen powder?

If you passed this period, firstly let us congratulate you and secondly, it is better not to fully stop collagen powder. Because days pass, we grow older and our skin elasticity as well as collagen level in the body is descending.

Are collagen creams as effective as collagen powder?

Different bodies may have different responses to a single thing. We don’t say that collagen creams are better or worse than collagen powder, rather, we say you need to figure out which one works better for you.

Anyway it is a good idea to have a collagen moisturizing or sunscreen cream to have a daily usage of collagen cream. Even if you use both collagen cream and collagen powder, it seems there would be no problem.

collagen powder is more effective than collagen cream

Can I benefit from collagen powder both on my skin and other parts of my body?

Of course you can! When it comes to taking collagen powder, our body absorbs all the benefits (and side effects probably) not only one part. For example, if you are only thinking of having better skin by using collagen, surely you will experience better hair, nails, etc. as well.