There’s no disputing that everything can become confused when it comes to supplements. If everything went according to plan, the only thing you’d have to do is to identify the products you need to improve your dietary plans. 

Many considerations must be taken into account before adding an item to your cart in a world of infinite options. What is it about collagen that sets it apart from the rest?

You may have recently noticed a typical topic about collagen supplements involves the distinction between multi-collagen and “typical” collagen (also known as simple collagen peptides). What exactly is multi-collagen? Is it some sort of new innovation that will change the way we eat and take over the supplements industry?  

Prior to making a definitive selection among multi-collagen and regular collagen, let’s clear the air and put everything in their proper perspective.

What exactly is collagen?

It is impossible for us to get enough collagen from our diets since it is a lengthy sequence of amino acids that are found in our skin, tissue, and bones. Because it is largely composed of the three amino acids, proline, hydroxyproline, and glycine, it has special structural features that set it apart from most other proteins. As a result, collagen is the most massive structural protein inside the human body.

What exactly is collagen?

It takes three very long chains of approximately 1,000 amino acids to wrap together to create a helix shape, and this is how collagen is generated in the human body. 

If you’re looking for a dietary nutrient, collagen in its unhydrolyzed, full-length form isn’t an option since it’s tough to absorb and too big to pass through the gut lining.

What factors determine the quality of a collagen supplement?

In order to choose a collagen supplement, you should consider the absorptivity, or the number of minerals that your body is really able to consume, as the very first consideration. 

What is the reason behind this? In fact, it doesn’t really signify whether we meet our dietary requirements and take enough supplements if our bodies are unable to digest the specific type of vitamin that we are consuming. To put it another way, are you obtaining the expected results if your body wastes more of the vitamin than it can digest?

Weight of a molecule

The molecular structure of a collagen product is what defines its bioavailability, and it is from the fact that collagen hydrolysate has gained such a dominant position in the market. Also, over 95 percent of the time, the human body absorbed any hydrolyzed collagen molecule with a particle size below 10kDa.

Even more so, according to those who conducted the research, collagen supplements bioavailability is influenced by its molecular weight, not its source or the type.

In addition, research by Ohara H explains the hydrolysis mechanism of collagen. It is important to note that collagen hydrolysate digestion occurs in the form of basic amino acids, which are then taken into circulation. There is evidence that marine collagen provides more of these proteins than other collagen resources, such as collagen derived from animal sources.

It is reasonable to assume from the experiments stated above that the molecular structure, rather than the collagen sources, determines the nutrients’ bioavailability. Even though collagen comes in various forms, the protein must be digested in the body to be used. As a result, the fact that multi-collagen contains a diversity of collagen categories cannot be regarded a benefit when it comes to absorption and general bioavailability of the supplement.


According to what we’ve learned so far, collagen is hydrolyzed and split into smaller pieces known as amino acids that are then dispersed throughout the body. Thereafter comes the so-called “distribution phase,” during which the collagen proteins and free amino acids are dispersed all across the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

When it comes to dermal collagen, the list of functions it fulfills is long, and it includes everything from moisture regulation to wound recovery and skin smoothness. 

The Pro-Hyp protein contained in collagen has also been shown to stimulate both the growth of fibers and the creation of gelatin and hyaluronic acid in the skin, according to research conducted by Yazaki M. et al.

What are the top benefits of collagen?

It is obvious that collagen has so many benefits, however, we are going to mention some of them here:

What are the top benefits of collagen?

Collagen’s influence on the skin’s appearance

Considering that all varieties of hydrolysis collagen have already been proven to unleash the Pro-Hyp protein, the positive impacts of collagen on the skin may be derived from any premium dissolved collagen resource.

Effects on strength and size of muscles

When it’s about increasing muscle growth, collagen peptides have remained a popular option for sportsmen since they provide a dual benefit. This is because collagen supplies amino acids like arginine and glycine, which are required for the production of creatinine, the building block of muscle bulk and efficiency. On the other hand, collagen has been demonstrated to stimulate vascularity, which aids in transporting amino acids and building muscles.

To maximize your chances of gaining lean muscle, you need to take a collagen drink between 90 and 120 minutes after your exercise. Despite this, the availability of diverse collagen types in multi-collagen products cannot be credited with the advantages of collagen in muscle building.

Healthy cartilage

Collagen intake seems to have a good effect on the well-being of your cartilage. There is a deficiency of type II collagen in the cell membrane of osteoarthritis sufferers, leading to cartilage destruction. 

There has been some research on the benefits of adding supplements of collagen to the diet to alleviate knee joint pain. This research found that when compared to those who took a fake supplement, those who took 10 grams of all-natural collagen supplement daily had substantial gains in flexibility and decreased discomfort.

It has been shown that hydrolyzed collagen supplements may aid in the repair of cartilage injury by promoting the manufacture of the natural collagen contained in cartilage. Researchers S. Oesser and coworkers reported that molecular collagen mass, rather than collagen type, was the deciding factor in the efficacy of collagen supplementation in this manufacturing process.

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What Is Multi-Collagen?

Just as the name suggests, multi-collagen is made up of many different kinds of collagen. Many types of collagen distinguish this product from others on the market.

It is a bland mixture of up to four different forms of collagen derived from the same animal most of the time. To get the benefits, you may include it in a milkshake or just incorporate it into a drink, such as your daily coffee. 


An eight-ounce glass of water is a typical serving size for a single spoonful of the supplement (12-15 grams). Other uses for this powder include adding it to healthful delights and baked products as well as personal favorites. 

Despite the fact that this product is 100 % natural, it is recommended to maintain it out of the sight of kids. For the most part, collagen isn’t necessary for young individuals.

Are there different multi collagen powders?

For the most part, you’ll discover varieties 1–5; however, there have been reports of 10 types in these supplements. You may use each of the following types, summarized in the following way.

Type I

Your joints, skin, and other tissues are built using collagen of type I, which is an essential protein. Moreover, this kind of collagen is the most common type of collagen that is discovered in the body.

Type II

Chondrocytes contain collagen Type II. In other words, it’s a supplement for maintaining healthy joints and connective tissues.

Type III

Your skin and internal tissues are the most common places to find Type III, which is comparable to Type I. This is the second most common kind of collagen in your body, behind elastin.

Type V

A female’s placenta contains cells of Type V, which are responsible for the development of the baby.

Type X 

In most cases, Type X may be found in human cartilage, and it plays a crucial role in the development of muscle and cartilage.

Instead of having to take many supplements, consumers appreciate the convenience of receiving all of these advantages from a single supplement. When it comes to collagen supplements, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. 

Multi-collagen complexes may help some individuals, but it all comes down to what kind of product you use. Not all sorts are required therefore a mix isn’t always the best option. A multi-collagen protein mix may include many different types of protein, so it’s best to stick with one kind to determine whether it provides the effects and advantages you want.

Is it safe to eat multi-collagen protein?

Yes! It is beneficial to consume multi collagen protein. However, other kinds of collagen are also beneficial. The final product’s value is all that counts. In other cases, a multi-collagen supplement may include chemicals or a subpar collagen source, deceiving you to believe that you are receiving all the advantages it claims to provide. Also, it’s possible that some bovine collagen supplements, especially the ones not from grass-fed beef, might contain hazardous pollutants.

Supplements containing marine collagen may be likened to this, except the collagen is non-GMO and wild-caught. It is made entirely of pure and natural substances that truly aid in the stimulation of your natural collagen synthesis. It goes without saying that you would choose marine collagen in such situations.

 multi-collagen protein

The health of your skin and overall well-being depends on consuming a broad range of nutritious meals. The best starting point is with a variety of superfoods. 

On the other hand, we must eat foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin A in order to maintain healthy skin. If you suffer from gluten or lactose intolerance, you may benefit from a gluten-free and dairy-free diet.

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What is the function of multi collagen protein?

All of the collagen’s advantages are being maximized by combining them. It aids in the maintenance of healthy bones, skin, and joints. Our bodies can’t operate without collagen, which aids in a variety of bodily functions, from strong bones to a healthy stomach, beautiful skin, and strong tendons and ligaments. 

By combining many different forms of collagen, Multi-collagen strives to provide you with the advantages of each. Concentrating on one form of collagen that is both entirely clean and mineral-rich, such as marine collagen, which has the highest bioavailability of all collagen types, could be a preferable option.

How much collagen you consume affects what it can do for your health and well-being. The recommended daily intake is between 12 and 15 grams for most people, although this might change based on your health, whether you’re taking it to treat a medical problem or just to keep yourself healthy.

An expert in the field can help you figure out the right dosage for your needs. The meal plan is also a factor in how much collagen-rich food you consume on a daily basis. Various diets may benefit from collagen, including keto and pescatarian ones and those adhering to the traditional diet known as paleo.

Find the most effective product

Due to its animal origins, collagen is not suitable for vegans. However, most individuals can use collagen supplements. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking collagen type I, type II, or a mix of the two. The most important thing is to select a product that fits you and delivers the outcomes you want.

What is the best multi collagen powder?

Knowing all there is to know about multi collagen powders; it is time to check out the finest ones available on the market today.

best multi collagen powder

1- Evernate Collagen Peptides Powder

Taking this natural collagen supplements twice a day for at least two weeks is recommended in order to gain the maximum benefit from it. Muscle healing and digestive health are two additional benefits of using this product.

The ultimate peptide, Evernate collagen supplement includes all eight necessary amino acids. Here are some of the extra benefits that this collagen supplement provides:

  • A hydrolyzed form of collagen powder (Type 1 & 3)
  • Sourced from grass-fed Brazilian bovine
  • Have greater capacity for absorption
  • Certified kosher
  • Keto-friendly
  • Non-GMO
  • There is no sugar, gluten, or dairy
  • No hormons and toxic
  • Paleo-friendly.
  • Essentials for joint health, bone building, and alleviating knee discomfort
  • It promotes intestinal health and muscular repair
  • Anti-aging features
  • Maintaining good skin, strong nails, and hair
  • Totally odorless and flavorless
  • Quickly disperses in hot or cold beverages, smoothies or milkshakes, and water.

2- Ancient Nutrition, Unflavored Multi Collagen

You will get one (1) tub of Multi Collagen Powder with 45 serves in this package. A serving’s weight determines how much food it contains: You may use the supplied scoop to make the portion amounts, or if the powder has settled, you can use four teaspoonfuls instead.

This collagen supplement will provide you with a slew of advantages, including the following:

  • With every scoop, you’ll get a dose of hydrolyzed collagen from types I through X.
  • Non-GMO
  • Cruelty-free
  • Grass-fed
  • Pasture-raised
  • Cage-free
  • 200% DV of Vitamin C
  • 4B CFU 
  • Toxicology-free 
  • A tasteless and odorless 

Conclusion: Is Multi-Collagen a Better Option?

Finally, after examining the many functions of collagen supplementation, we’ve reached a conclusion that the kind of collagen makes no change in terms of these critical variables.

Hydrolyzation reduces collagen to small amino acid chains, making it nearly difficult to distinguish between the various forms of collagen. For these reasons, what may genuinely be regarded as a differentiator is amino acid structure, which is essentially dependent on the level of components rather than on their number or diversity.

As we’ve described earlier, the molecular mass of collagen varies from one source to the next. However, the availability of collagen from various sources does not seem to make a significant difference in the end results. 

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The truth that several firms acquire their multi-chicken collagen’s from China or India, whereas the fish component originates from farm-raised tilapia, is important when it comes to origins. As a result, when selecting a multi-collagen supplement, a clear component list is seldom provided, and the vast majority of businesses fail to produce a flavorless product.