If you are lazy in preparing delicious meals with collagen powder to have a great collagen effect in your diet, we offer you collagen shakes! Shakes are always popular, suitable to have and easy to prepare, while they can serve you the nutrition your body needs. Hence, collagen shakes are very popular among the users.

In this article we collected top 3 collagen smoothies (with the advantages). Don’t miss to have your blender on and shake the ingredients to have a perfect collagen shake

best collagen shakes and smoothies

Why drinking collagen is better than eating?

As we mentioned earlier, collagen drinks are easier to make, faster to take and more comfortable to take anywhere with you. Consider you want to take your collagen powder as a pre-workout meal.

Which one is more suitable to take to the gym? A collagen shake or smoothie or a collagen meal? Definitely drinks are a better choice in this case.

Besides the mentioned reasons, collagen shakes are meant to be full of extra vitamins and nutrients. For instance, you can have an orange smoothie full of vitamin C as well as collagen powder.

But there is one more thing that collagen drinks are more popular compared to eating collagen. Although it is not necessary for children to have collagen powder in their diet, if you had to give your children a collagen for kids powder, they will enjoy it more in shakes rather than foods.

Collagen powder in smoothies

Collagen powder in smoothies

Here you can read 3 top recipes of how to add collagen powder in smoothies and learn what are the benefits of each smoothie.

Recipe 1

This recipe is full of protein and calcium which will help you boost the bones strength:


  1. Almond milk: 1 cup
  2. Frozen banana: 1
  3. Ice cubes: 4 cubes
  4. Greek yogurt: ½ cup
  5. Collagen powder (flavored or unflavored): 1 scope
  6. Almond butter: 1 scope
  7. Vanilla extract: if you like!

How to make:

Just blend everything you have in the blender and after 5 minutes, you will have a delicious bone strength booster smoothie.

What a Daily Collagen Protein Shake Can Do for Your Bones?

So, if you wonder what collagen smoothie and shakes do for your bones, it is good to mention that when collagen is mixed with rich calcium resources (like almond milk and Greek yogurt), it is like you double up the effect of collagen for bones.

Recipe 2

In these Covid19 days, it is good to boost your immunity with natural resources. Lemon is one of the perfect immunity boosters. You can make a nice smoothie with it. 

best lemon collagen smoothie recipe


1.       Collagen powder (flavored or unflavored): 1 scope

2.       Lemon: ½ with pulps

3.       Orange: ½ with pulps

4.       Avocado: ¼

5.       Chia seeds (if you like): 1 scope

6.       Almond milk (or water): 1 cup

7.       Spinach: 2 handful

8.       Ginger: 1 scope fresh grated

How to make:

Blend all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy your green, immunity booster collagen shake.

Recipe 3

Mint is full of antioxidants which will help you avoid free radical cells growing in your body. Besides, mint can help you get rid of some skin problems like frequent acnes and avoid the scars lasting for longer.

This is while avocado is a rich resource of hair vitamins especially for those who have very dried hair. Therefore, a smoothie full of mint and avocado can make a big change in your hair and skin health.


  1. Collagen powder (flavored or unflavored): 1 scope
  2. Avocado: ½ frozen
  3. Banana: 1 frozen
  4. Spinach: ½ cup frozen
  5. Coconut or almond milk: 1 cup
  6. Cacao powder: 1 scope (if you like to)
  7. Mint leaves: 4-5 leaves plus 1 or 2 for garnish

How to make:

Blend and mix everything then enjoy!

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What a Daily Collagen Protein Shake Can Do for Your Skin

If you are experiencing irremovable acnes, skin scars, black heads, open pores, etc. Collagen protein shake with mint can help you greatly with removing all these problems. 

So, what is the best daily collagen shake to have?

So, what is the best daily collagen shake to have?

It is good to have your own recipe as well. The best way to find your own daily collagen shake to have is to try collagen powder with different ingredients. For example, if you are allergic to bananas, try to have peanut butter instead to bring the shake texture to your drinks.

Besides, ice-creams are also great for making collagen shakes but, if you are thinking of losing weight with help of collagen, we recommend you to have a low-fat low-sugar one.

how to make collagen shake

However, here is a simple daily collagen shake recipe you can change based on your taste.


  1. Any herbals you like (spinach, basil, mint, etc.)
  2. Ice cream, frozen banana or any other frozen fruit (to bring a stricter texture to the drink)
  3. Any seeds you like (chia, hemp, season, etc.)
  4. Water or milk (it is better to use almond milk but other types are also ok)
  5. Ice cube
  6. If you found the texture is not as soft as you wanted, it is good to add a half cup of Greek yogurt (just if you liked)
  7. Collagen powder (with any flavor you like, but we offer unflavored) 1 scope

How to make:

Just blend. If you like, you can use garnish to make it more appealing to take.

Collagen shakes and smoothies’ benefits

In preparing shakes and smoothies, you can simply add any extra vitamins and nutrients as well. When you need more vitamin C, make it with orange, when you need more antioxidants use vitamin A resources, etc.

flexibility in enriching the supplement and smoothies. That’s all, enjoy your collagen drinks and boost your health.