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Like every other nutrient, collagen has a family too! The Collagen family consists of more than 20 different types, however not all of the types are useful or needed for our bodies. In general, from type I to type V and sometimes type VI are useful collagen for different purposes. In order to know what is the best collagen for your body, you need to learn about the vital 4 types of the collagen family which exist in human body.

Collagen type I
Collagen type II
Collagen type III
Collagen type V
Best collagen powder

So, what is the best collagen for me?

Based on what we mentioned earlier about the collagen types, from the table below you can choose the best collagen type for you. Note that we set the types based on the priorities. The point is gender doesn’t really affect the types!

Best collagen powder for womenType I, Type III, Type II
Best collagen powder for menType I, Type III, Type II
Best collagen powder for kidsKids really don’t need collagen supplement, however type I can be beneficial
Best collagen powder for weight lossAll collagen powder are fillers, so all the 3 types can be good, while we offer collagen type I more.
Best collagen powder for joints Type II, Type X
Best collagen powder for skinType I
Best collagen powder for hairType I
Best collagen powder for cellulite Type I
Best collagen powder for athletes Type II , Type III
Best collagen wholesales for businesses All types, but Type I is more popular so you can sell more!

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FAQ Best Collagen Powder

Now let’s learn more about the best collagen powder through the FAQs

The number of collagen we have in our bodies can determine what collagen type we need more and which is the best type. Similarly, the components of each collagen type can highly affect different parts of the body. So, based on the category list we mentioned earlier, you can decide what collagen type can be the best for you.

As we mentioned collagen type V can impressively help the cell attachment, so if you had any surgery due to the cancer, you can make the wounds get well sooner with collagen powder type V. But about the cancer and tumor itself, we are still searching and testing the results. The only thing you need to note is that always keep your doctor aware of what you are going to take during the treatment. They can definitely guide you better in this way.

When you don’t need a supplement, why take it? Even if you took it by mistake, there is no worries as the side effects of collagen are not very serious, unless you are allergic to some special components. So, if you feel a heartburn or digestion problem, make sure you are not taking the wrong type and try to prepare what your body needs instead.